Al & Robin: Retired IBMers. Currently residing in Port Charlotte & Key Largo, Florida, after moving from beautiful Longmont, Colorado. Hobbies include fishing, traveling, kickboxing, photography and cooking.

Jared: Graduated from North Dakota University majoring in aerospace in December 2016. Jared is currently manages flight instructors at the University teaching students and future flight instructors. Jared’s short term goal is to accrue the 1,000 hours of flight time required to secure a position with one of the major airlines. Jared’s hobbies include Civil War reenactment, painting and anything that has wings.

Carl: Carl graduated from Colorado University at Boulder with a Masters in Civil Engineering with a focus on environmental studies. Carl is an environmental engineer at McKim & Creed in Sarasota, FL. Carl’s hobbies include running, conditioning, cycling, rock climbing, cooking and hiking.